Every year, friends Tito and Giulio Ricordi sent to the Maestro a “Panettone from Milan "Huge in size". While the composer was finishing his opera “Othello” the Panettone became a message of encouragement and good wish for its completion.

This typical Christmas cake, but also the recipe of the traditional pastry of Milan, is made by an excellent producer of the land, well known for joining perfectly technique and tradition in order to obtain sweets  and fresh pastries of high quality.

The Panettone Classico Milanese is soft, smooth and produced only with top quality ingredients according to the ancient and traditional recipe.


The Maestro always brought along with him sweets for the holidays as well as traditional sweets. Panettone (a traditional Christmas cake) and  Colomba ( the traditional Easter cake named Easter Dove) were always present in his home as well. In 1895 Verdi writes a thank you note to Mr. Ricordi jokingly saying:  "It is better to thank you for the beautiful “Goose” that we will eat today,.... Pardon!  Pardon! I've mistaken an Easter Dove loaded with gems into a Goose!".

The delights of Parma are the typical expression of the tasty and the quality that are sought after in the sweets and cakes of the typical festivities in the Parma lands

CANTUCCI and Sweets from TUSCANY

The Maestro regularly received sweets from his friend Arrivabene and thanked him in this way: "Dear Arrivabene, You are the King of I Trovatori!... Peppina and those who were at my house yesterday evening, upon the arrival of your basket, hungrily ran to the table and ate it all immediately! ".

The Almond Cantucci. Cantuccini, an original recipe from the Tuscany region. They are an unmistakable inclined cut cookies, baked twice and then showered with almonds. Together with a delicate note of citrus fruit and vanilla, they are a crunchy delight that intoxicate the senses. Eggs, fresh milk, almonds, sugar and honey are the secrets to a traditional recipe that has been able to maintain an unchanged charm over time. From their first appearance at the Medici court, a long time ago, it presence created an unbreakable bond with Tuscany, has been created.

 Cantuccini with chocolate chunks. A shower of unsweetened chocolate chips is added to the classic Cantuccini recipe, creating an unbeatable match. The crispness of the dough joins the full, intense flavor of chocolate for a whirlwind of flavors and textures.

Soft Almond Amaretto biscuits. Soft...almond filled...great at every moment of the day: yes, they are the soft Amaretto biscuits. They are one of the most appreciated delicate and fragrant Italian specialties, with more than 20% of sweet almonds.

In both the crispy and soft versions, these types of biscuits have been present in similar versions throughout the country for centuries.


The Maestro was a very chocolate lover, like many great musicians as Mozart and Rossini.

During family holidays he received, from Giulio Ricordi, pouches of chocolates with symbolic and well-wishers shapes as the cross of Genoa, the Sun, the lion of San Marco and also a tiny moretto: an Otello in miniature. Of course he used to recceive also the eggs of chocolate, an Easter symbol since the Middle Ages when people used to give, as a present, true eggs decorated with any type of drawings.

The chocolate egg GVERDI is produced by a high quality artisan firm from Torino. It selects the best faves of cocoa from the Center America, it toasts and mixes them according to the recipes of Chefs Chocolatier’s tradition.