GVERDI: Food and Culture of Excellence in the world

The great composer, Giuseppe Verdi, was a great food lover as well.

  The  accurate historical research on the originals Maestro’s correspondences shows  many  evidences of  his preferences and clear gastronomic indications since the XIX Century , telling  us that he was a great Italian food Ambassador: during his business travels he used to carry  and share  Pasta from Naples, Parmigiano Reggiano cheese, Salami and Prosciutto from Parma, Extra Virgin Olive oil from Tuscany, Panettone from Milano, Coffee from Naples, … finding a strong appreciation especially in occasion of the representations of his performances, from Tokyo to New York.

So today GVERDI Brand is the perfect Ambassador of Italian Food and Culture around the world and signs the very Excellence of Italian food Specialties, as the Maestro used to appreciate.

GVERDI traditional range satisfies the demand of people seeking for the quality and the authenticity of the typical Italian cuisine, and the artisanal producers fully respect tangible quality requirements both in the indisputable original taste and in the traditional production starting from raw material selection and handling to the daily control of quality evolution through the delicate seasoning process. Wherever animals are involved, their feeding, cleanliness and living environment is also taken in due care

Result is that under the exclusive GVERDI brand we find an exceptional basket of original culinary specialties, ideal for food lovers, authentic cuisine Restaurants, Department stores, Excellence Deli shop and Retailers who are searching for a unique proposal of Italian Authenticity.

 The GVERDI brand popularity, already spread over the five continents, is also continuously reinforced by the thousands of representations of the Maestro’s 27 operas in the principal theatres of world capitals.

 GVERDI project has also the privilege to contribute to the diffusion of the Verdi’s culture by sustaining researches and scholarships for excellent students of the International Music Conservatories.


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In order to buy our products, contact:  info@gverdi.it


OSTERIA GIUSEPPE VERDI, where you can discover the Parmesan cuisine. Here you can taste the homemade typical recipes from the appetizers to the dessert.